The Kitchen Police told me not to send food posts today! So, I’m sending a Cat Post instead! We have three cats. Wait. Correction! Laura has three cats. Rajah is 11 years old, abandoned at birth, saved by Laura, who found him in a cardboard box and fed him every hour with an eyedropper. He was smaller than a tennis ball when she found him but he’s 15 pounds of pure athlete today. Then, she has Shaggy, 5 years old, female, exotic shorthair, tricolor, and they are never more than one meter apart. Finally, this little female exotic shorthair, also 5 years old, Guapa. Only now is she gaining confidence. We think they left her alone, in a cage, for several months before we got her. Rajah and Shaggy sleep with Laura. Guapa sleeps with me. Laura takes great care of them. I’m not sure who has more fun, them or us. When Laura and I play cards, Shaggy gets on the table to impede play!! We place the cards and the deck around her to keep the game going. She loves this, of course. The photo is of Guapa, on my treadmill. I tell her how beautiful she is. She loves the compliments, that’s for sure. Rajah is the king. Shaggy is the queen. Guapa is the princess. Sounds good to me!

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Richard Street e le "parolacce".

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