Feedback on "the death of the organised fast break"

Nice to get confirmation on my out-of-bounds thoughts. Here is one reader who agrees with me.

In all fairness, not everyone agrees with my thoughts on today’s game. No problem.

Again, in fairness, I’ll post a mail from someone who thinks I’m all wet.


Great stuff, Dan - as an anachronistic animal from a different era of basketball myself, I agree wholeheartedly. Here’s another thing about the “new” Fast Break that makes 0 sense to this dinosaur: whatever happened to running for layups? Today, coaches run their wings to the corner 3-point line area. They say it gives the PG more space to do as you said: drive to the rim. Baloney! I still teach our wings to sprint wide, hit the area between top of key and FT line, and then make a 45-degree angle cut to the basket for a layup. The pass will come from the PG who stops at the top of the key on either side of the lane. “Run for layups” is still our motto! We do it the old-fashioned way! Please keep your insights coming - they’re a treasure trove.


Will Rey

Athletic Director | Head Basketball Coach

Northridge Preparatory School

Niles, IL 60714




Will Rey is the former head basketball coach at Loyola Chicago.


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