Fusilli "grandi" con zucchine!

The Kitchen Police are relentless! If I go three days without a photo, they are in my face! Yes, I’ve already sent one photo of fusilli with zucchine. But these are BIG fusilli. At Christmas, we received a gift of De Cecco products. These were included. I should add that the Italian word for rifle is FUCILE. Of course, it’s FUSIL in French. When they make rifle barrels, they spiral the inside so the bullet spins as it exits, keeping it in a straight line. In English, that process is called ‘rifling.’ So, there is a connection here. OK, so, were they as good as the smaller fusilli? Goodyears got traction?

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Richard Street e le "parolacce".

Confesso! Conosco una grande quantità di parolacce! Quelle in Inglese le ho imparate tutte da Richard Street. Da chi le ha imparato lui, non ne ho la più pallida idea! Ma lui era un vero dizionari