Laura's art work.

Laura is at it again! She’s the Georgia O’Keefe of Milan and the Lomardy region! She loves to do paintings of cats, from photos she’s seen on the Internet. I keep telling her we have to find a wall in our apartment for her best works. She’s not in favor of that … right now. But I’m sure she’s thinking about it. I like the ones with the accented colors. Well, she gets better with each painting. Her ‘studio’ is in a corner of my study. So, while I’m at the computer, I see her paint. I offer no suggestions. You never interrupt an artist at work!

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Richard Street e le "parolacce".

Confesso! Conosco una grande quantità di parolacce! Quelle in Inglese le ho imparate tutte da Richard Street. Da chi le ha imparato lui, non ne ho la più pallida idea! Ma lui era un vero dizionari